String King Guitars is a new line offered by Joe's Guitars. These will be a production model. Instead of the custom order models like my Joe's line. 

I wanted a guitar line that I could build faster and offer to the public at a quicker turn around time. While using a lot of old school building technics and No CNC's I tried to keep the guitars priced at around a $1800 making them very affordable for a hand made guitar.

One of the things I've decided that would keep costs down is to go with a Matte Lacquer finish. This type of finish helps save production time. It is also a very maintenance free finish meaning that it doesn't show finger prints and smudges like it's polished glossy counterpart. A Tobacco burst finish is also available at  a custom color charge of $100.

I've developed a lot of new jigs and fixtures that helped speed up build time. Bringing these guitars to a production level I hadn't achieved with my other guitars. Bodies and necks will be built and stored waiting for orders. When an order comes in I pull a body and the customers choice of neck. The body gets painted, the guitar gets assembled, professionally setup and then shipped out.

All models come with a lifetime limited warranty.